Rac N Roll Medium Pink Camo Dance Bag

Rac N Roll Medium Pink Camo Dance Bag


MEDIUM SIZE: 25 X 16.5 X 13.5 inches (63.5 cm x 41.91 cm x 34.29 cm)

RACK HEIGHT: 48 inches (121.92 cm)
WEIGHT: 10 Lbs (4.5 KG) (including rods)
HOLDS: 1-8 costumes/outfits
COLOURS AVAILABLE: Pink Camouflage or Camouflage

BOX SIZE: 28 X 18 X 15 inches


Special instructions

The original Rac N Roll Dance Bag is a large duffel bag that includes exterior pockets, interior pockets, telescopic side rods, rolling wheels and a handle.
On the inside of the duffel, you will find ā€œDā€ shaped metal rings. These rings are great for keeping costume hangers in place during travel. There are also two collapsible arms that hold up the rod for hanging the costumes. These slide into brackets at each end of the bag. Simply make sure that each arm slides all of the way into the square opening, or you will end up with a lopsided top bar.


Rac N Roll Large Pink Camo Dance Bag